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Breaking News: NASA Discovers an Asteroid Which Could Hit the Earth One Day

According to recent reports from NASA, Osiris-Rex spaceship was recently sent towards Bennu (the name known for the asteroid) for the collection of samples which will be appropriately analyzed in the NASA research facility. This is shortly after two years of waiting for the spaceship to reach Bennu an ancient asteroid. From reports disclosed by NASA, the probe managed to reach the asteroid successfully.

Osiris-Rex spaceship reached Bennu early on Monday and as reported it is just 12 miles equivalent to 19 kilometers from the asteroid’s surface. NASA, on the other hand, said that the spacecraft would revolve around the asteroid as from 31st December.

According to NASA, this is a great achievement since no other spaceship has ever reached this far. NASA says that this asteroid is quite smaller than expected but has a high performance.

In addition to this, Bennu is considered at one point in years would be a potential hazard to Earth. However, as the Osiris-Rex spaceship is concerned, it is due to collide with the earth in 150 years to come. From the estimation and analysis done by the research team at NASA research center, if this asteroid hits with the Earth, then a creator would be formed depending with the speed of collation.

In addition to this, Osiris-Rex spaceship is expected to scoop just 60 grams of gravel and dust particles from Bennu. The reports say that the USA was able to reach the Bennu surface shortly after Japan sent their spacecraft.

The parachute, which will be used in the collection of the gravel and dust particles will be representing the most massive haul which too has reached the surface after previously the Apollo rocked was sent to the moon in the 1960s and 1970s. Scientist, on the other hand, is hoping to discover and learn more of the source of life and more so the origin of the solar system and the organic molecules which exist on earth.