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China Is Heading to The Moon’s Dark Side in A Mysterious Mission

It has been reported that China is currently on a mysterious mission heading towards the dark side of the moon. This mission is considered a mysterious mission since no other spacecraft has ever led that way before.

The mission according to China is known as the Chang’e-4 mission which according to China will help in the illumination of some dark secrets hidden by our close neighbor shortly after the spacecraft landed on the far end of the world.

In addition to this mission and as far as other purposes taken to space are concerned, this journey headed by China to the dark side of the moon is the first journey ever to be made by any spacecraft. No other ship since the time from earth has ever made a visit heading to this direction on the moon.

Gearing up for this mission according to China was a bit difficult since the spacecraft was venturing into the unknown part of the moon which even today has remained unknown to us since that part is not visible from our end. Nevertheless, as the audacious lands, the spaceship will carry a varying range of scientific equipment which will be used for sample collection for scientific experiments.

Perhaps, among the tools and equipment carried by spaceship to the darkest side of the moon includes a large container which is loaded with some insect eggs and plant seeds. This experiment initial will be carried out to check if this region on the moon would support life.

According to the space agency, the spaceship is expected to be blasted off a few days to come. This is after a series of an experiment which has been conducted and emerged successfully.

The spacecraft in accordance to reports from the space agency is expected to start early on Saturday 8 this December, and it is then likely to land on the moon first at the beginning of next year. The initial test to be carried out on the planet is whether it could host life.