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NVIDIA Physics Simulation Engine

According to recent reports, NVIDIA displayed its new titan RTX GPU together with other two smart artificial intelligence demos. More so from the descriptions given so far, the company has assured the public of more upgraded and realistic computers. However, this project following the company’s memo will be an open project which will be releasing new hardware to the public which will be accelerated by PhysX simulation.

In addition to the information on the release of new hardware by the company, NVIDIA stated that after doing research and analysis for long, it has discovered that the technology provided by the company is not only convenient for gaming but also convenient for more development.

In addition to this, PhysX will help in the formulation of accurate robotic simulations and artificial intelligence. Among this, formulation processes will include the self-riding technology which will be incorporated on cars to perform automated tasks. The company officials in an interview with some reporters said that it is now time to experience robot technology in the real world.

The company added that it is well prepared in producing perfect robots to the real world with no mistakes. According to reports, PhysX toolkit has been simultaneously unveiled by the company, which up to now has promised more accurate and fast physics technology beyond the technology behind gaming platforms.

The company said that it is better handling a contact among objects like for instance solving a puzzle or a challenge like large masses or some parallel structure with similarity but different backgrounds. If one isn’t a developer, then it will not be fun when it comes to the simulation processes involved during the testing of this system perfection.

In addition to this, if the company can provide systems and gaming hardware of this upgrade, then think what this would impact on robots and more so AI apart from the gaming sector. According to NVIDIA, it is 99% sure of pulling off this kind of project using the PhysX which for decades remained closed. This upgrade will not only led to the perfect autonomous vehicle but also led to the development of sophisticated games at large.